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Apparently agreed to sign, according to teamtalk. Mad Biker correct again.
Really? A good signing I'd say.

Do you have the link??
Its also on the official site now.
Good signing if you ask me. If you are going to get experience make sure they are class players.

I think this probbaly makes Ferdinand re-signing unlikely?
great signing for next season. I think he'll play up front for city and could well see him scoring 15-20 goals. I suppose this is a statement as to the playing style for next season. Think the fans might get abit more neck ache!
I think he will play a numerous of postions for us. At the back when we need cover or if were short of defenders and up front if were desperatly in need for goals.
I think this is a good sign for leicester. Although dublin is 34 he's a well known player and should be good for encouraging other players to sign i.e. ferdinand.
fantastic signing this is what we need a mix of youth and good experienced palyers, keep up the good work micky!!!
and he's born in leicester and suported them as a kid. he will be a fans favourite and give 100% replacemnt for dickov in term of profile with fans(before the tw@t left)
Not too excited about Dublin signing,fair enough he's a decent player but it's another quick fix.Hopefully we will go back up and then what,Dublin isn,t good enough for the Premier anymore so we will be searching for another striker.I suppose he's OK ,I just hope he's not joined by Freedman or Hayles.We could really do with a younger forward Novo for instance,a Dublin/Freedman strikeforce really would piss me off.I just worry we are going to end up,shipping a load of deadwood out only then to ship some new deadwood over 30,last payday types in.But it's only my opinion and I 'll support any player in a City shirt and at least it's pissed off the Coventry fans so that's something.
Micky said:
I suppose this is a statement as to the playing style for next season. Think the fans might get abit more neck ache!

Not necessarily - Dublin played nearly 30 games for Villa last season, and they adopted a short passing game. Just because you have a target man, it doesn't mean the style of play has to be direct. As long as the ball is worked out to the wings, and we get good deliveries in, then that will utilise his strengths.....

Although, I think we're gonna mix it up next season. :wink:
Nice place, pricey though.
Malf said:
It's the biggest city in the world because it keeps on dublin and dublin

You just copied Sacha Baron Cohen you did.
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