Post Match Everton 0 Leicester 2

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Rock Fox

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Nobody can deny it has been a strong turn around by the team and BR and that was an excellent allround performance.

I wasgloomy about not only our results but the early dreadful performances, and because we seemed to have a decent team with skillful players and plenty of PL experience, my mood was probably worse and more pessimistic than early on during the 'Great Escape 2014-15 but...
in the #StayingupwithHomer season we only had 10 points after 14 games - and it took 18 games to reach the 14 points that we have currently but my recollection was at least it seemed we were 'fighting' relegation.

I suppose it is only natural that what happened subsequent to 2014/15 has raised expectations (though not unrealistic) and has made the disappointing start to the season feel so much worse. Now it appears that with our stronger defence, the fight /desire has returned throughout the team - and we can get our hopes up again!


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This place was 3.30 but still a couple of places you can get an beer for a euro... Mental!
Oooooof you poor bastard

I won't tell you what I'm currently paying in Vietnam


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‘Bout four quid a pint round here but you don’t have to drink it surrounded by bloody foreigners and tourists pretending it’s better than being back in Blighty.


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Oooooo, I wanna dance with Soumare, I wanna feel the heat with Soumare…. Yeah, I wanna dance with Soumare - with Soumare he loves me
Dontcha wanna dance with me baby <3

Still not convinced that he isn’t shit but I like him.
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2Manchester City1432
3Newcastle Utd1530
4Tottenham 1529
5Manchester Utd1426
12Aston Villa1518
15Leeds Utd1415
16West Ham Utd1514
18Nottm F1513