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"experts opinion"

Whos going down?

  • wolves

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  • leicester

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  • charlton

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  • bolton

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  • soton

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  • leeds

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New Member
Having just watched so called expert Tony Gale (who?) say leicester will be relegated with wolves and bolton i cannot wait for the season to start so we can ram some words down peoples throats!!!!!!!
Why does everybody seem to think portsmouth will have no problem staying up most of their squad come from harrys old haunts and we all remember where west ham used to finish each season ,relegation dogfights, last day of season knee tremblers i personally think that wolves portsmouth andsouthampton will be down the bottom with leeds utd being the so called big club to get off to a crap start :evil:


New Member
I don't know why people keep tipping Bolton and Southampton. Bolton have some quality players and although the team will not set the World on fire they will be pretty useful. Southampton are a good team, rather tlike City were under MON. The Relegation Battle will come be between Wolves, Portsmouth, Leeds, Spurs, Fulham and US! Obviously I don't think we'll go down but it will be close!


New Member
Let's face it - everybody hates us, why I don't know - Nobody hates the Cov Wan**** or the Sheep or the Trees (apart from us) - when those 3 were relegated everybody was saying "what a shame" " I hope they come straight back up" etc but when we went down it was "good ridance" - its just one of those things we have to live with - Perhaps it stems from people not liking Keith Wellers tights or having a two sided ground or dropping Don Revie from the 49 cup final team or any number of things - but the stupid tossers don't realise that it only makes the players dig deeper - go that extra yard when we are written off time after time - last time we were in the premier all the usual pundits tipped us to go down every season - it was like us and two others - even when we won the league cup against Middlesboro they were tipping us to go down - well I've got news for all those pundits - we are a big club - we do bounce back from obscurity - we don't give a fcuk about chelski, vvvooommm, high earning charlies , Rodney Marsh or Beckingham Palace - Listen up you people who hate Leicester City FC - WE ARE BLUE - WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER - WE WILL NEVER GO AWAY - WE ARE LEICESTER CITY FOOTBALL CLUB

Billy Boy

New Member
Nice one Lanxfox.

To tell you the truth I dont give a fcuk who goes down this year 'cause I know it won't be us!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


New Member

Wouldn't it prove there is a God if Chelsea failed to gel and ended up down there? :twisted: I know, it's never gonna happen..... :cry:


Bolton, Wolves and Pompy :wink:
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