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External Hard Drive

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East Anglia Fox

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I'm in a situation where my laptop (2009 MacBook Pro, very old I know) is totally full up and I can't do anything on it any more. However, I can't really afford a new one quite yet and therefore I thought an immediate solution would be to get an external hard drive.

The thing is, there are so many options I just don't know where to start. I'm happy to just go along with someone's recommendation. Anything £70 or under is fine.

I look forward to your helpful comments.


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I'd make sure you get one classed as a portable drive rather than external as external are larger and require an external power source but portable will just be USB powered.

£70 should get you about 2TB and I tend to go for Western Digital drives as I've never had a problem with them but any of the major brands will be fine.

USB3 may be worth considering if you have a USB3 port of your MacBook though probably 50/50 given the age.

Will it just be used for general storage or anything specific? And remember, if there is going to be anything on there (or your internal HDD) that you do not want to lose, make sure you have a back-up somewhere either another external drive or somewhere in the cloud.
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