FA Cup R4 - Nottingham Forest v Leicester

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Ike O'Noclassed

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Impressed how this thread is far, far outstripping its equivalent for the Cup Final in May.

Local rivalries are so exciting, despite the industrial scale of denial on here. Not that I'm anxiously awaiting its return for more than one match, whether by LCFC decline or Forest regaining the heights of their distant pomp.


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What Forest did 40 odd years ago, was actually outstanding.
(I was hitchhiking around Western Europe in 1979, my friend and I found a bar in some Spanish village to watch the European cup final, and cheered on Forest)
What we did, in 2015/16, was nothing short of miraculous.
Both achievements should rightly be remembered in their own rights.
To try and undermine either is really a bit pathetic, and actually leaves one open to a bloody big fall should the upcoming match result not go their way.

Miles Away

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Tut. All this talk about condescending attitudes. I'm well able to remember the stuff Forest fans said in the 70s/80s/90s

Anything from us in this thread pales into insignificance compared to the Arsenal/Man U/Liverpool levels of arrogance shown towards us by Forest fans back then.

What goes around comes around. It's the nature of things.

Its also the nature of football to rip into other fans & take the risk of looking a tit when it bites you. Have people forgotten this?

I'm exactly the correct age to hate Forest more than any other club. I'd been a City fan for less than 3 years when they won the league as we were relegated.

When I first decided that football was "my thing" I was delighted to discover that my home town team were in the top portion of the top division & widely admired for the football that they played. I anticipated a fun future of big games against big clubs, trophies & european games on Sportsnight.

2 & a half years later it was all in ruins. An era over, relegation in the most abject fashion possible & by the time I was old enough to go to games on my own the thrill of watching us play Wrexham on a chilly Tuesday night. Thus began over 20 years of almost uninterrupted misery & disappointment until the league cup win. It all went horribly wrong.

Meanwhile, until their promotion season I didn't even know that Forest existed. I thought County were the only team in Notts. I'd heard of them due to the "oldest club in the world" thing in football books.

Then I sat back & watched in disbelief as they won the league & we crashed & burned. I didn't understand how such a thing was possible. It scarred me deeply.

When we got back to the top flight amid the optimism of young players under Wallace, I convinced myself that the previous few years had been a blip & we would now go on to reclaim the future I'd expected. The very first away game I went to on my own was Forest. 3 months shy of my 16th birthday.

5 ****ing 0

Torn apart down both wings by some ****s named O'Neill & Robertson. No idea what became of them but I vowed to hate them forever.

When we won the Prem 36 years later, amongst all the emotions I felt there was a tiny little back-of-the-mind thought that said "that makes up for Forest"

So yeah. It was Forest for me that were the eternal enemy. Because it all seemed so ****ing unfair. Especially as in later years I ended up sharing workplaces with fans of theirs & having to put up with their shite.

Not Derby, not Cov (Never meant anything to me. West Mids team. Never even thought of it as a derby match. I even bet on them to beat Spurs in the cup final in 87)

Always Forest.

But now ? It's just nostalgia & I don't really care. The revenge has already been had & it's over for me. Like a bad relationship from long ago.

Having said that, it'd be just typical of this waste of ****ing space of a season to have us lose to them & stuff our last chance of winning anything. A throwback result. So I'll prepare myself.
I’ve convinced myself they’ll do us.

Cooper has them sorted out, we will still be in the midst of an injury shambles and it’s their cup final.

Plus this season has been one kick to the knackers aster another.


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I’ve convinced myself they’ll do us.

Cooper has them sorted out, we will still be in the midst of an injury shambles and it’s their cup final.

Plus this season has been one kick to the knackers aster another.
Yep. Am steadying myself for it.

Tbh I've been waiting for the close season since early November.


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****s sake, just ignore the sad twat as there is always something weird about opposition fans posting on forums.

Fair play though Rich - you've got pages worth of bites and it's classic trolling, I wrongly assumed that people here were better than falling for it!


Water Gypsy
Yes. For his back, his hip, his memory, his impotence and his rage.

His **** detector seems to working perfectly though.
I have no rage but the rest is pretty well spot on. You just missed the knees, both of them, and the blood pressure.


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500 less than Arsenal
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