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Miles Away

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Almost impossible to know who is or isn’t available at the moment but here’s what I have:

Justin (knee)
Evans (hamstring)
Soyuncu (hamstring)
Fofana (all of it)
Ricardo (knee)
Vardy (hamstring)


Who am I missing?
Perez being permanently ill
The young lad at Liverpool was very silly and should be contacting Ricardo to grovel like hell.
I have to say that I don't trust what BR says about players or injuries. I think he either deliberately lies or simply doesn't understand what his medical team tell him.

So many times he tells us someone will be out for 'x weeks' due to 'y injury'. More often than not, it's complete horseshit.

He said in one interview after today's match that Vardy would be out for three weeks too. Despite him being on the bench today. I genuinely think he just says a name, a part of the body and then a time period at complete random.

Special mention also for the mysterious 'illness' absences. These are becoming more and more frequently used by BR to cover completely weird and otherwise unexplained disappearances of players. Covid or isolating or something else, who the feck knows. Certainly not BR by the sound of him.

Thought it was red at the time, watching it back, referee truly bottled it.

Normally I’m not a fan of surrounding the refs, however I think as teammates witnessing that, the players should not have let that go so easily.

Switching the situation round, if Thomas has done the same tackle on Tsimikas for example, the entire Liverpool squad and Klopp would have been in his face.
You've got to question whether this is a Brendan Rodgers issue rather than simple 'bad luck' when it's been ongoing for three feckin years. I've heard he likes to push them hard in training at the same intensity as if it were matchday. You can get the idea behind that, but that' surely playing a part in our piss poor injury situation, not helped by other things like Ranieri disseminating the Sports science division built up by Pearson and the loss of a few other key medical and fitness personnel over the last few years...
With that list, what the hell are we going to do when Ndidi, Amartey, Nacho and Mendy all go off to AFCON?!
Vardy now out for 3-4 weeks.
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