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Headers and Volleys or Cuppies?

Headers and Volleys or Cuppies

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Headers and Volleys although i've never done said activity or any activity for that matter in victoria park...

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I prefer Heads and Volleys because Im pretty good at heading and volleying but im shocking at dribbling and running which is what you need for coupies.....


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used to be cuppies when i could run...but headers and volleys...pretty useful with the old head occasionally!


cuppies sunday afternoons after star soccer play til it gets dark jumpers for goalposts isnt it? :lol:


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cuppies isnt it? jumpers for goalposts, I cant play in goal mums just washed my t-shirt. Annoying girl wanting to join in, stray dog attacking ball. Wots the score 12 - 12, look theres parky get off the cricket pitch. Wonderful.


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theres allways an annoying girl that ants to join in!

1 good player was equal to 2 crap players

those were the days :roll:


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lol so true, classic. i played at goals the over day has anyone else ever been there its amazing!!! hurts if you fall though and i twisted my knee which wernt cool :?
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