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Just read this on Gilbert the Filbert, no idea why it was in the LCFC news section. It's funny how the author went on about Nalis.

Danny Coyne: Didn’t really do much but I remember him playing against us last season – he was outstanding…….and of course he let in our goal of the season.

Ben Thatcher: Nearly joined us in our MON days, but it all went pear shaped. He looked very good and suggests he could play either left back or left centre back in either a 4 4 2 line up or 3 5 2 or whatever. A very useful player then.

John Curtis: Looked good going forward, but Blades fans might say he’s a suspect defender.

Steve Howey: Always promised so much but was hindered by injuries……yet to prove himself fully…..what better time than now.

Ricky Scimeca: Cultured and clinical, a rock in the centre of midfield, he can also play centre back. He takes a mean free kick too.

Lillian Nallis: For me this player suggests that he is the jewel in the crown. Before the game I saw Birch running round outside for a great cause, Keith Weller’s fund. With him was one of Keith’s peer group Jon Sammels, Nallis reminded me so much of him, holding his ground demanding the ball and spraying passes around with accuracy and imagination. This player will I predict be an outstanding contributor. …….another way of describing him would be…….Robbie Savage with brains and footballing ability. :lol: :lol:

Keith Gillespie: Still looks lively and quick. :lol: :lol:

Paul Brooker: As above….so we’re well off for wide players.

Les Ferdinand: Always was a good striker, I can see no reason why he shouldn’t carry on in that vein……..although the last time we signed a player who vandalised the Blue Peter garden it turned out to be anything but ‘a wise move.’
Malf said:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I think he'd just found out about Stella when he wrote that

Leave my mum out of this Malf. :evil:
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