Post Match Hull 2 Leicester 2

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Not the worst result, but another great opportunity missed.
Leeds win on sunday and we’ll be second for the first time in ages, and for just about a fortnight.
We went behind, and I thought we'd fold. We went behind again, and I thought we'd definitely fold this time. So perhaps not that bad a result if we're finding some kind of mental strength which hasn't been there when things haven't gone our way previously
We struggle against these and could have easily lost that.

Taking Vardy off in that situation is almost unforgivable. Everyone knows I’m giving Enzo the benefit of all doubt, but that really grates my balls.

Mavididi needs to come out of the side, or we have to hope the international break recharges him. He looks bereft.

Wilf, by the way is a million miles away from fit. He was awful today.
Shaky/out of form and low in confidence. Beat Sunderland and draw vs Hull.

Nice rest before the FA Cup quarter finals. We should be ****ing excited for that.

Then another week off before Bristol who are shit. We got this. Calm.

Onwards and upwards.
We had two shots on target and scored with them both. One a pen of course.

Creatively inept. Nothing innovative or interesting apart from a half decent pass from Fatawu into Vardy for his goal. Feck all else.

Scrappy as shite apart from that but Hull looked more up for a scrap than us. We get mardy and moan when it gets a bit tasty. EMs personality being reflected on the pitch.

Not a bad point but another poor performance.
Faes was shocking and had a shambolic part in both goals. Justin really struggled and Hull exploited him well.

Enzo just does not make positive changes to wi. the game, what is the point in bringing such a big bench if you are not going to use it?

We really laboured against an agricultural team.
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3Leeds Utd4387
5West Brom4372
6Norwich City4371
7Hull City4265
8Coventry City4263
10Preston 4363
11Cardiff City4359
12Bristol City4358
14Swansea City4353
17Blackburn 4349
18Plymouth 4348
20Stoke City4347
23Sheffield W4344
24Rotherham Utd4323

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