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I Want _ _ _ Tommy Wright on my shirt .How do u say it ?

TW ?

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No.6 Muzzy Izzet... said:
So if I see that on the back of a shirt at a city match i'll know what you look like, depending on how many others have it.
I have it, not this season though :shock:
Ashov, do you sit around about J1, cause if you do i probably saw you a few weeks ago standing outside :)


New Member
Ho Tommy Wright :D :D :D :D

Sorry Ashov just had to bring this one up so that all the newer members could get the Ho Tommy Wright jibes.

Took me bloody ages to find :twisted: :twisted:


New Member
I was going to have a number 5 on the back of mine with the words 'BABYLON'

I chickened out at the last minute.
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