If today you had to predict!!

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Southern Fox

New Member
With all the outs and little sign of ins....

Everyone feeling down and out...

As of now, where do you predict us finishing and be honest lads....
10th to be conservative

unless we could keep the likes the Ferdinand, Bent and Thatcher, and some really solid and promising signings, especially in the defence.
Doing a Man. City or Sheff. Wed. :( :(
Southern Fox said:
lazzer said:
without knowing who's coming in you couldnt make a resonable guess

What about with the current squad though lazzer??

Well, we would be murdered with the current squad, we only have about 15 players.

As Lazzer said, there is no way you can predict reasonabely without knowing what player's we're getting in.
Id rather us stay down rebuild and then come up really strong.
Maybe Playoffs this year
"Id rather us stay down rebuild and then come up really strong.
Maybe Playoffs this year"

why do peole keep on saying this, it is easier to rebuild with the money that the premier league brings it is better if u go up and then rebuild because you can attract higher quality players, iam gettins sick of people sayin we should stay down and rebuild. next seaon we need to get 3 or 4 experienced players like dublin etc and also some young quality players from thr 2nd and 3rd division or from premier ship reserve sides like richie partridge.

we need about 10 players and alos need to bring through 3 or 4 youth players, if we can manage this and go up then we have the potential to sign 5 or 6 quality plaers not 20 old "experienced" ones. if these go straight into the side and the youngsters have played well we can compete in the premier league. Or would you lot like do do a derby and stay in the first division for a few seaons?

it is easier to go back up the sooner you get relegated it gets harder and harder as every year go's along as wolves found out. the premeir ship parachute payments go and you are stuck with a division one mid table side.

this is why we need to get back up within this seaon or the seaon after u get me?!!
Current squad - 10th
After 11 signings - 1st

Get in!
step said:
gagandeep, I agree 100%

You don't state what he says though. You just claim straight away that we won't get promoted, irrespective of who we sign.
gagandeep was on about people saying that they would rather stay down and rebuild though.
cainy said:
Id rather us stay down rebuild and then come up really strong.
Maybe Playoffs this year

he's not rebuilding though he's just looking at old players who are only good for one season...dion etc On current players and one's we're linked with i think we'll be lucky to finish half way
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