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Is a top four finish achievable or a pipe dream?


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If we compare the equivalent results this season to last season (substituting Sheff Utd/Fulham), then we're one point ahead. Whilst our start is heartening, we've not done anything special yet.

Wolves H -2 points
Chelsea A -2 points
Sheff Utd A +2 points
Bournemouth H 0 points
Man Utd A 0 points
Spurs H +3 points

A fourth place finish has required an average of 72 points over the last five seasons. That's 1.89 points per game. Our current rate is 1.83.
Do you think 72 points will be required this season bearing in mind most of the teams are about the same level?


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Theres no reason we shouldnt be aiming at top 4. We have a directly comparable 1st XI to both chelsea and manure in terms of internationals representing top sides, and young british talent. It is a toss up for me.


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When will be reasonable date to say yes we are capable of a top 4 finish December, January? With all of the usual hoods floundering we need to maximise our chances this season, the Liverpool game will give us a great insight.

Miles Away

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The table is still very tight. Entirely possible we are down to 5th and tied on points with a host of clubs come Saturday evening.

So far what we have achieved is create space between us and the bottom 6 or so.

Not to piss on cornflakes but it’s still very early and the league is incredibly congested at the moment.


Difficult to see how we will even finish the season when Man Utd take all of the squad and the manager.

I hear they are considering putting an offer in for Top.
If they want everyone they'll have to pay a lot of money. Top dollar, in fact.


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After this weekend we are still very much in a commanding position and we must capitalise on the usual suspects being so abjectly poor. Our fixtures are slightly kinder after the international break and should see us cement a strong position to challenge in the build up to December.


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Extract taken from the telegraph

Leicester's goal-scoring is not sustainable
Leicester have looked hugely impressive this season. They have beaten Spurs, drawn with Chelsea, ran Liverpool close this weekend and look the most likely team to break the 'big six' in a good few years.

But despite the positive feeling around Brendan Rodgers' team and their place in the top four as we head into this international break, Leicester will need to improve to maintain their position.They are the fourth-highest scorers in the Premier League with 14 goals, but they don't actually have many chances. They rank mid-table for shots attempted and are surprisingly second-from-bottom for expected goals. Based on the chances they have had, Leicester should only have scored around eight goals this season. The difference of more than six between their expected goals and actual goals is by a distance the biggest in the top flight.

This suggests they are finishing their chances well, or better than the average team would do. That could be the hallmark of a great team, or may hint at something unsustainable up front. Jamie Vardy has only had 12 shots this season, with those chances amounting to 1.96 expected goals, but has scored five times. At 32 years old, presumably at some stage he will suffer a dip in form. The same might be realistic for the whole team.

Perhaps we are punching above our weight or we need to be more direct during games forsaking possession for goal scoring opportunities?


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Fourth highest goals scored, yet second bottom in expected goals
Scratching head emoji!


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Fourth highest goals scored, yet second bottom in expected goals
Scratching head emoji!
Data for the sake of data, so that people who are getting paid for essentially doing nothing can at least be seen to be doing something, no matter how worthless. In other words, It's bollocks.

Brown Nose

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I don't understand XG.

Motd said that our XG against Liverpool was something like 0.2. Yet Maddison scored when clear in front of goal, Vardy was in on goal and had a poor touch, and Praet hit a shot an inch wide.

Why were none of those chances?

Liverpool had an XG of something like 3.6(?) but I don't remember Schmeichel making a difficult save in the match. Liverpool had good situations but certainly didn't miss sitters.

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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool 27  79
Manchester City 27  57
Leicester 27  50
Chelsea 27  44
Manchester Utd 27  41
Tottenham  27  40
Sheffield Utd 27  40
Wolves 27  39
Arsenal 27  37
10 Burnley 27  37
11 Everton 27  36
12 Southampton 27  34
13 Palace 27  33
14 Newcastle Utd 27  31
15 Brighton 27  28
16 Bournemouth 27  26
17 Aston Villa 27  25
18 West Ham Utd 27  24
19 Watford 27  24
20 Norwich City 27  18

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