Keep the faith!

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I've been reading all the posts over recent weeks and I have to say It makes very depressing reading. The last thread about where you think we will finish next season was the final straw...

Can I ask all those MA doubters.. This time two years ago, where were you predicting we would finish the following season?

After the debacle of the previous season and lack of transfer activity I can only guess (going on your current predictions) relegation. Yet we finished 2nd against all odds.

I know Mickey still has a bit to prove but one thing that cannot be questioned is his promotion record. He has done It in worse circumstances with Fulham, Brighton and ourselves.



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Southern Fox said:
Anyone else bored of keeping the Faith :shock:
Nope! I actually quite like it as the unofficial club motto and it sounds good along side "Foxes never quit"!


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Mace was in talks wiht Bon Jovi and coined the phrase Keep the Faith in order to boost Bon Jovi album sales in Leicester. Previously sales in Leicester were way down on the national average.


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I like the phrase 'Keep The Faith' it sometimes wears abit thin, but if you read in to it, it's actually a cracking phrase to hang in there.


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Gets on my tits every time I hear it

The slogan implies that us Leicester fans are likely to bugger off and not care any more, and if results go against us we will somehow lose our faith and go elsewhere. This will never happen to the true Leicester fan. They will be there through thick and thin, and don't need to be reminded to have faith and loyalty to the club.

Foxes Never Quit sums us up nicely

Perhaps if the KTF slogan had been applied by the players, it might have more impact. Instead they exhibit a faith in their bank balance. Obviously we couldn't use Foxes Never Quit in this direction, as most of them have.

Perhaps if the club exhibited a faith in its fans, by meeting the issues of ticket prices, memberships/concessions and making more use of the FT for consultation. Instead they look at churning out another money spinning kit for no reason, and continue to exploit wherever possible.


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All our better players leaving for peanuts, the replacement is Dublin (good for one season if promoted). Someone is taking the piss. :( :(
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