Post Match Leeds 1 Leicester 4

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Wilf don't get back in at the minute

Apart from the fact we have 396 games a week


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I know we've won but what was the beef with the angle the ref got to see on VAR? Sky showed other angles and if anything that was the worst one as there was a player infront of them obstructing the view? Would also like to see cards when VAR spot blatent dives. We reward cheating like Kane yesterday and offer no punishment too.


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Right? He must have quads of steel!
Assuming he’s done that all of his career, he must surely have tried to push a fart out and shit himself at some point, squatting like that. Dangerous game.


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Here we go

Rain played a part in the first goal....


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Cue fifteen minutes of how great a comeback it was from everyone’s favourite Leeds United, ten more of how crazy a genius Bielsa is, and then three hours of how Poch transformed Spuds
It’s the rain’s fault.


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Half the team out injured. Just back from a European match. Awful conditions.

Tremendous from every one of them.

Another highly rated side battered on their own pitch.

Special words for Thomas and Albrighton who worked their socks off.

Fofana leading the defence. Justin superb. Mendy was wonderful.

We are some side.

Spot on. Incredible to be where we are with the injury list we’ve got when you see Liverpool fans moaning about their injuries, Man C banging on about needing five subs etc.

And it’s nice to be doing it with five of the 2016 legends still knocking about and playing a part.

Although Last year means I’m just seeing this as getting points on the board to cushion our end of season collapse.


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That game reminded me of the Villa away game last season.


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Why the **** are you continuing to watch those insipid ****s?

The minute the whistle blows I'm closing my free of charge stream, its brilliant service.


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Under looks made for Vardy doesn’t he? Just hope he can influence games when they’re not as stretched.

Miles Away

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I tell you what. That’s a fantastic performance and result with the players we have missing.

A bit special really.

Again, enormous credit to Fuchs. He’s played more football this season than all of last I think and yet he’s belting down the left wing in injury time on the overlap.

And his counterpart Thomas, too. Lad looks excellent.

Really proud of what this side is doing in spite of these injuries. Brendan has been bang on this season.


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Brendan masterclass. Absolutely superb from Brenda. All the players worked so hard, special mention to Sharky who I thought was magnificent. Fabulous result.


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Jamie Vardy should be a fine wine as he just gets better with time.


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Fuchs was excellent yet again and Justin was also superb. We don't miss Chilwell in any way shape or form; in fact Fuchs is twice the defender he is.

Under, Maddison and Vardy together look mind blowingly good and will be some force to be reckoned with this season.
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