Post Match Leicester 0 Wolves 0


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Dominated possession, but they probably had the better chances.

They had a goal disallowed by VAR


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Can’t break teams down. It was like a replay of our game at home last season to Newcastle... except VAR saved us.

Not sure we even had a shot on target.


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Handball is handball whether deliberate or accidental good decision. Why is it Chillwell will not cross the football? so many opportunities to put it in the box and we took the safe option and passed it 5m inside. All in all a point is better than none.

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Wasn’t able to watch today, but listened.

Didn’t like the way we set up if I’m honest. Looked like we set up today frustrate them rather than play to our strengths. In our home debut. Against Wolves.

Had old Claude lined them up like that I’d have wanted his head on a spike.

That said. Clean sheet kept. How did Soyuncu play?


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Thanks VAR.

Not a good performance, not the worst result.

Good to get a clean sheet as we start life without Maguire. Soyuncu was probably our MOTM. Thought he looked comfortable today.

Disappointing not to get a win or even a goal to start us off. We looked much better when Barnes came on


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Dominated possession, but they probably had the better chances.

They had a goal disallowed by VAR
Not just by VAR. The change in the laws to make any handball count in the run-up to a goal has also played its part; the contact was clearly accidental in this case.


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Not bad. Soyuncu really stood out, if that's anything to go by we won't miss Maguire. Ndidi and Ricardo also really good for the most part. Got to expect better from Perez, Chilwell and Maddison. We bossed the possession but couldn't break them down. Not sure if Wolves intentionally sat back looking to hit us on the break or we had them pinned in most of the game. Either way if I was a Wolves fan I'd be disappointed in their performance.


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Given that they had the clearer cut chances, I'm happy with that. Always difficult to break teams down but we stayed positive (had a bit of a wobble beginning of the 2nd half) and looked comfortable.

Chilwell was, I thought, pretty poor by his standards. Soyuncu looked solid and comfortable on the ball, hopefully he'll continue the progress and make that position his. Everyone did what was asked and contributed, I thought we looked good. We just needed that killer ball.


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In which case they can't complain. It was clearly accidental. But the guy's hands were flailing in the air and the deflection off his arm made it drop nicely for them...


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The new law only applies to attackers in the process of a goal being scored.
Not just that.

The following ‘handball’ situations, even if accidental, will be a free kick:

• the ball goes into the goal after touching an attacking player’s hand/arm

• a player gains control/possession of the ball after it has touches their hand/arm and then scores, or creates a goal-scoring opportunity

• the ball touches a player’s hand/arm which has made their body unnaturally bigger

• the ball touches a player’s hand/arm when it is above their shoulder (unless the player has deliberately played the ball which then touches their hand/arm)


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The ball fell to a wolves players feet after hitting a wolves players arm. Intentional or not they gained an advantage from it. Disallowing the goal was the correct decision.


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Soyuncu had a good game although I do wish he'd stop trying to tackle when simply shepherding the attacker would suffice. Still, he put in a good shift and made some excellent challenges. Ricardo looked great going forward and a nightmare at the back. Chilwell was awful both going forward and defensively. He's such an enigma as a player; sometimes exceptional, sometimes looking like he's the work experience kid.

Barnes was our best player when he came on and looked time after time to create something. This is when Vardy came to life. Vardy needs someone behind him to force the issue as does Perez but today, Maddison didn't create much and Ndidi and Hamza are more defensive in their thinking.

A point is a point I guess but they were there for the taking. Barnes needs to start against Chelsea, the diamond needs to **** right off.


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Harvey Barnes was good when he came on. Ndidi outstanding. Tielemans is class. Chilwell has disappointing end product. Vardy no service. Maddison some nice touches but lackiing in execution at the vital moments.
Soyuncu was very good but he will need to learn that he can't win the ball every time. Sometimes it is a matter of simply holding up the play rather than commiting to a tackle.


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I suppose the neutral/pundit viewpoint would be that they just watched a game between 2 sides who will finish mid table. Hard to argue really.

Of course one game means nothing so lets see where we are at the end of next month. I expect Wolves to regress from last season so we need to kick on.

I imagine all of the top 6 will be feeling very secure after the opening weekend. It seems to be accepted that any threat to them will come from us, Wolves or Everton & we haven't scored a goal between us. Everton were shite yesterday.

Lets see if Manure/Chelski tells us anything. I suspect not.


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Soyuncu played well, a little rash at times but solid and the fans' favourite today. I thought Ricardo was our MOTM today. Love watching him go forward but nice to see he can defend too. Tielemans had a strange game. Very much on the periphery of things. Maddison started well but **** me, his corners and especially his shots were embarrassing. Vardy, isolated. Chilwell, dodgy. Hamza, gritty. Schmeichal, Schmeichaly. Evans, reliable. Perez didn't really offer much threat. Ndidi was good, the number of interceptions he makes with those lanky legs is incredible! Subs wise, Barnes looked sharp and probably produced our most dangerous moments. Albrighton, standard stuff from him.

Based on the number of great opportunities they had to score, a point seems like a good result. A thoroughly unconvincing performance.

Joe_Fox Esq.

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If we are going to setup that defensively at home, that’s almost certainly the side we will see next week away at Chelsea..


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the players need to brave on the ball when attacking to much passing the buck for me today, Albrighton and Barnes provided much needed width, I just wish our midfielders would gamble and loop past our right and left backs instead of moving inwards.
Loved Evans overhead kick that would have been a brilliant goal if he had connected.
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