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Post Match Leicester 0 Wolves 0


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with only Vardy playing against 3 6ft CBs why bother crossing it? It's a low percentage decision

Maddison on the wing has got to stop so have Hamza and Wilf in the same team unless playing Liverpool or Man City
We paid them too much respect with that starting lineup, I genuinely don’t known where this perception that Wolves are a really good side has come from. They remind me of Allardyce’s Bolton.


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Wilf and Ricardo were, in my opinion, world class.

Hamza was excellent and knitted us together in midfield but I was disappointed in Tielemans, Perez and particularly Maddison.

A good side Wolves though, they'll keep a lot of clean sheets this season.

Chilly was absolutely awful.. he's so hapless with everything, he doesn't seem to concentrate at all..

..and Soyuncu, tremendous. That was a real pressure game for him. He knew the football world was watching today not just the Leicester fans..

Our corners have been dreadful for years but they were worse than ever today. Surely something they must work on? Just appalling.

End of the day, not a bad result (given VAR etc)
Agree with all of that. The only thing that generated any atmosphere in my part of the Kop was Soyuncu repeatedly knocking their donkey of a striker to the ground.

City Fan

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Very well summed up from both BN and Homer. It was absolute bobbins.

It was like watching a Puel team. Slow, timid build up until Maddison gets bored and takes a hopeless shot from 30 yards which ends up in Row Z.

We were incredibly lucky to get a draw. Thankfully VAR saved us (I still don’t like it), and the Wolves strikers won’t even be able to finish their dinner tonight.

Defensively we were a shambles, and if it was Liverpool or Man City playing us today, we’d have lost 5-0. I didn’t rate Soyuncu as much as the majority - there’s no doubt he did some great defensive work at times, but he suffers from more brain farts than Demarai Gray does.

Brendan’s subs made sense but were 10 mins too late each time. Barnes should have come on at half time, Albrighton earlier than he did, and then we should have put Nacho on for Maddison for the last 10 mins (who was absolute dog shit - his shots and set pieces were feckin’ useless).

And a special shout out to that bloke wearing number 3 who presumably won the fan competition to get to play a game for Leicester. But jesus wept he was terrible.

Not happy.


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I didn’t rate Soyuncu as much as the majority - there’s no doubt he did some great defensive work at times, but he suffers from more brain farts than Demarai Gray does.
Me neither. He was okay, did some nice things and showed how much strength he has but you're right, he makes bad decisions at times when he loses his calm and he nearly cost us a goal when he tried to tackle Jota from behind for the umpteenth time without success. He has to stop doing that.

I've just watched Manchester United destroy Chelsea and it's so obvious to see how cool, calm and collected Maguire, who has been excellent, is on the ball. He's a different class to anyone we have and will make a massive difference to them this year. I have to say, Wan Bissaka has also been very good indeed.


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I've just watched Manchester United destroy Chelsea and how cool, calm and collected Maguire, who has been excellent, is on the ball. He's a different class to anyone we have.
Bang on, he’s been excellent

We have contributed to transforming their previously hopeless defence

Great bit of business....


Agreed with most of what's been said, after a lot of the build up surrounding some of our players they were very average
What is a concern is outside the top 6 most teams will play deep like Wolves did & playing with the formation we did today we will struggle to break them down.

Chelsea were very poor at the back today & they will attack us more which will suit our players & system better, I'm more confident on getting something next Sunday than I was about us winning today.


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Won’t miss Maguire etc etc... defensively perhaps.... aerial threat from countless corners? Would have been target practice for him today.
If he was on someone's shoulders yeah. The corners were useless. Why we didn't let someone else have a go I don't know.


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...He also had a couple of really decent shooting positions and he took an extra touch each time. So frustrating to watch.
I pointed that out last year, he does it all the time. If he would get shot off early it catches the goalkeeper out and if it ends in row Z it's just like the rest of his efforts so he's not losing anything.


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I thought our attacking play was far too narrow and slow. I thought bring on Barnes and Albrighton would change this, but we still played very narrow indeed. We seemed to allow Wolves to get back into shape on a regularly bases when there was the opportunity to move quickly too.

Madison is getting stick (and he was poor- slowing down the game repeatedly). I'm not sure if it was that Madison was getting no space and passes into the areas he was so dangerous in last season, or whether it was that he was playing in a far deeper position. Either way, his talent and threat was completely neutralized.

Chilwell looked half asleep all game and really lacked quality. Hopefully it was a one off and he'll pick up his form again.

I was pleased with Soyuncu performance. I agree there is a mistake in him, but credit where it's due. He stood up well.


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I thought Soyuncu, Ricardo and Ndidi were excellent. Stop pissing your pants we usually end up in glorious defeat on the first day. It was a clean sheet and we all know that Vardy, Maddison, Chilwell and Perez are good players, they just weren’t today. They can only improve on today’s performance. It was a shitty game to start the season, move on with a clean sheet and some practice under their belts. We can still achieve something after a home draw.


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Nobody is panicking. Nobody is saying we are relegation fodder. Nobody is saying anything that is untrue. People are allowed to vent frustration at a rather insipid performance if they pay their hard earned cash to watch it (or even if they don't).

Today, we were not great. Today, Chilwell was arltrocious. Today, we were unable to create much. Next week may be different, but today was disappointing whichever way you want to swing it.


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The only thing that worries me after today is VAR. I ****ing hate it. A goal that accidentally bounces off an elbow from a yard in the build up should stand. Football is a series of events leading to moments of drama, let it be. Have a few humans on the pitch watching over it and everything else that happens, happens.

pork pie fox

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Quick note - Although Maddison was largely ineffectual (and I think most of that came down to the way we played), there were at least 3 occasions I can think of where he aggressively closed down an opponent, winning the ball in a dangerous area, which led to us being in good situations. I was impressed with that part of his game.


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Can some of you please agree with me that VAR is wank? I can’t put it into words and I’ve been drinking since 12 but it’s really, really ****ing shit. It’s the death of drama in football, all I can think about is seeing a last minute winner fly into the back of the net, with seemingly nothing wrong with it and muting my reaction to it. The best thing about football, the primal, stunning, orgasmic joy of seeing your team score a goal will forever be tempered by the threat that some Nesbit in a studio notices that the ball accidentally bounced off someone’s bicep from point blank range in the build up. **** it.
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