Post Match Leicester 2 Crystal Palace 1

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Rodgers is a wizard. He saw that Vardy was getting a few injuries and decided to suck out his soul, desire, fight and talent and transplant it into a younger Nacho... Genius. Why don't other managed do the same? !!!
And do the same with Maddison, transplant into Leshabella just in time for the final?


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Maddison hasn't been poor this season. He has been injured for a large part of it and has put in some fabulous performances for us. Tonight, he stunk the place out but he's the type of player that can easily win you games with a stroke of fabulous football.
Up until his latest injury he was probably playing his best football for us, goals or assists consistently every match. And it took him a while to get back to that form after his previous injury.


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That goal. THAT GOAL! oh my ****ing god!


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If West Ham win all their games, we need only 9 more points to secure top four.


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Don't think i agree with Vardy fluffing chances. Other than in first half when his touch let him down and went right instead of left? His best chance tonight was far from bread n butter.

Just saw this in the match thread which I think was a response to my comment about Jamie’s confidence compared with Nacho. I wasn’t suggesting he fluffed any easy chances just he had 3 classic Vardy opportunities that when on top form he would have put away - that’s how good a finisher he usually is and why his shot/goal ratio is usually so impressive. Not at the moment though, but he’s providing a fairly brilliant supporting striker role.


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If West Ham win all their games, we need only 9 more points to secure top four.
Tonight was just huge. And Friday similarly so. We can then finish it against Newcastle, or otherwise just pick up any win against any of the last three. Spurs feels like a good back up option for another win if we need it.

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Amazing how Iheanacho is one of the first names on the team sheet, who would have thought that a couple of months ago?

Win on Friday and Champions League football is practically guaranteed. Happy days.

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Re: Vardy, someone said it in a third thread... he really is basically playing in the Barnes role. Slightly more central but his function is the same down the left hand side.

He’s definitely not as lethal recently, but he’s doing well in a role he’s unused to and as long as Nacho is banging them away, it’s happy days.


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When did he do it? I didn't see it in the game but assume from his tweet it was during play?
During stop of play in the 1st half. Milevojevic was also changing his boots at the sideline at the same time. Guaita was waiting to take a goalkick.

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That tackle by Evans was fantastic. What a signing he has been.
Had to be a 'match-winning' tackle from Jonny. A superb effort when it looked as if CP were certain to score. And I think it was Evans who hit the pass for Nacho to control and wallop home the second ...a good night's work!
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