Pre Match Leicester v Southampton - FA Cup Semi Final

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I'm hoping that with less time to prepare due to playing tonight, Man City will somehow lose on Saturday - I fancy our chances much better against Chelsea if we somehow manage not to **** up this semi final.
A shithouse win by Chelsea is about the best result we could have hoped for today. We may have a poor record against them but I cannot see us beating man city in a final when the whole world is hyping them up to get a quadruple.


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Real big-match day nerves for me today. Probably the most since those Sunday afternoons at the end of the title run in.

Been waiting for us to get to a Cup final pretty much all my life. Started supporting City in 83 with all the tales of the 82 cup run so fresh in everyone’s memory. Seen Coventry, Wigan, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Wimbledon, Southampton all get there.

please don’t blow it today.


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I remember clearly where I was preceding our last FA up semi - at a party, trying to pull the daughter of a bloke in my football club (s'okay, she and I were of similar age) That didn't go too well. I lost money on a bet too - $15, a not small sum for me then. (The bet was not related to me pulling btw)

I'm too old to pull (other than myself) these days ago and there are no bets on so hopefully things will go better. But, blimey, it really brings home how long ago it was.
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Jimmy Lad

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My line up:

Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Thomas
Tielemans Ndidi
Ricardo Maddison Albrighton

Subs: Ward, Amartey, Evans, Fuchs, Mendy, Choudhury, Praet, Perez, Vardy

Rationale - Castagne is shocking at left back. Thomas offers the balance. Evans has been shit for weeks. Ricardo and Albrighton covering their full backs and offer a creativity. Vardy needs benching. He might be okay as an impact sub - he's sure as shit no good at anything else right now.

Obvs won't happen.
No way Rodgers drops Evans in my opinion


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In fairness, BN did say it wouldn't happen.

Evans might not be at his best at the moment but I think (or at least am led to believe) that he's there for more than his baller ability; i.e. wise head, organising, etc. The time is not too far away though praps. We'll be in the market for another CB soon enough I reckon.


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Referee: Chris Kavanagh
Assistant referees: Dan Cook & Sian Massey-Ellis
Fourth official: David Coote
Reserve assistant: Nick Hopton
VAR: Paul Tierney
AVAR: Adam Nunn


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I ****ing hate that this is happening during this time.

It almost doesn't feel real to be honest. Hopefully I'll drum up some enthusiasm nearer to kick off.
Agreed - bloody typical for our club that the first time in two decades we are at wembley and no one can go.


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It's not the first time in two decades.
You've got me there! I should have said "first time in two decades for something that wasn't a glorified friendly" (although it seems that assessment is unique to the UK, and that super cups are more highly rated in mainland europe).

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You've got me there! I should have said "first time in two decades for something that wasn't a glorified friendly"
Or a Premier League match?
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Premier League

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1Manchester City3580
2Manchester Utd3470
5West Ham Utd3558
7Tottenham 3556
10Leeds Utd3550
11Aston Villa3448
15Newcastle Utd3539
19West Brom3526
20Sheffield Utd3517