Pre Match Liverpool v Leicester

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But like Trump supporters re: the election. We should extend an olive branch BN.

I see what you did there, you clever little so-and-so

But can I refer you to...

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.

...some things cannot be easily forgiven! ;)


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I'll extend an olive branch, if Kane wants to come and be Vardy's back up he is welcome to...

that's the best I can manage


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I do think Spurs will be title contenders this season, with José they have a manager who (if anyone can) should be able to stop them from doing a Spurs.


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with José they have a manager who (if anyone can) should be able to stop them from doing a Spurs.
...or exacerbate it.

Mourinho has a knack of getting under the skin, even of his own players. If the Spurs prima donnas start their sulking, I'm not sure 'the chosen one' has the kind of touchy-feely manner that can pander to their egos.


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I remember hearing the updates on the radio ... Stunning victory and the commentator made a point of the Liverpool fans applauding the City team at the end.
Yeah they would. They love perpetuating the myth of the honourable & knowledgeable Scousers. It's a nice narrative.

No mention of me being kicked to within an inch of my life outside the ground after being deliberately sent the wrong way for the train queue by Scouse coppers. Closed the road off behind me & when I realised it was the wrong way wouldn't let me back through. just ****ing smiled at me & said "take your chances" Bastards.

I was 16 & convinced I was going to die at one point. Couldn't walk or move without pain for a fortnight.

**** Scousers. Subhuman filth.

camberwell fox

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This will look considerably better should we get a result of some kind later today...


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I remember saying before the Man City game how it was a huge test of how we'd learned from last season - these two games is where it started to go wrong last season, and we completely lost our confidence.

Liverpool battered us last season.

We passed the Man City test with flying colours... Let's hope we can show progress again in this one.
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