lol, west hame fans gone crazy about connoly leaving

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gagandeep said:

read allt hese threads, also the 2nd page, looks like we have got a well good player, west ham are distraught at letting him go(the fans are)
Now now - don't any of you go winding them poor bubble blowing East Enders up will you? :wink:


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I guess that forum has moved on since you posted the original post...

I did see this though....

you heard it here first........... fall_like_heskey - 143rd post - 12 Jul 2004 19:17
a very reliable source of mine tells me that Leicester are interested in Wimbledons former Arsenal trainee Ben Chorley! Whats your view on this, i dont really no much about him! Also you might like to know that John Harley was seen at Belvoir Drive before signing for Sheff Utd!! [reply] [Complain about this post]

Never heard of him - wondered if there were owt in it ?
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