Mad rush To Get Players?

Has The past weeks events as listed below, made you more likly to re-new/buy your ST?

  • Well kinda, but i was going to re-new anyway

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  • Not really - made my mind up and im sticking to it

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  • No if anythink im put off by the players were bringing in

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  • I disagree with the prices there fore i will not re-new!

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Fox Fan

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Looks like the club are having a mad rush to get in some players to try and move the seasons along. I mean that Williams - thats a total cock up indeed! Whats going on there? Is he isnt he? And now Dion - yeah great don't have any problems with that infact nice to have some postive news. Infact Ive notice a huge amount even a rush for postive news to come out of the club. Davis gave that statement the other day , the Foxes truts have said the club needs the money to secure players.

What im wondering is has any of this in the slightest changed ur opioinon about buying a season ticket? I hear ques were out of the door today for them and the club expects to reacvh 11,000 by the end of this week - not sure how good that is considering we had about 20,000 season ticket holders last year, clearly lots of people have decided not to re-new.

But has Davis' statement - the trusts plea, the signing/s(?) made you more likly to buy a season ticket? Has it had the revers effect e.g bringing in an old washed up dublin?
i just think the middle of june is a crap time to renew, middle of july would be much easier. im a student and can safely say this is the poorest time of year by a long way, and as a result left it as late as poss to renew. Almost did not renew at all, to real fans the players being signed makes little difference unless we make a sudden $30 million move for Raul, then a few may come out of the woodwork
it has made a difference but we have sgned the right players not rushed into siginings, dublin and williams will do well
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