Man Utd's Miller

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Man Utd have signed Celtcis young striker Miller ...And he isnt gunna get a mention this season with VanNistelrooy,Saha,Smith,Forlan or Solskjaer !
Let take him on season long loan :D Better than Bently,Dublin or Joachim
C'Mon MA Kyle & Miller upfront for us next season :wink:


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No chance I'm afraid 'Shov.

Miller is more of a central midfielder anyway, and would be an ideal replacement for Izzet. Fergie rates him highly, and I'm sure he'll get a few games in their first team next season.


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He's the player Fergie maybe wants to replace Keane!!! I can't believe he'd let him go out on loan at the moment, probably wants him to wean off Keane's breast for a bit...


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For anyone who maybe missed that, it seems I spent my 2000th post describing a grown man suckling off Roy Keane's breasts.

Not quite sure what to make of that...I'm not gay.


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Scowcroft said:
Malf said:
He's a defensive midfielder not a striker 'Shov!!!!!!!
To be fair, he has played as a striker for Celtic a few times.
Really? That's weird, I suppose you can get defensive midfielders that can play up front too. Fergie described him as the next Roy Keane so I went on that assumption.

Alex mate, you make me piss.


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He also plays on the right of midfield. At least thats where he played for the Republic of Ireland the other week...he was S**t hot and got man of the match!!! Hes also never gonna get loaned out! It would be awesome and i'd be reaching for the kleenex if it were a possibility but in truth I think hes well out of our league!
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