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Do you think the players should forget about the wages owed to them?

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We are getting about 15 million pounds from sky but most of it is going towards the players wages that they didnt recieve last year. This is why Micky only has 4 million to spend.

I think the players last year should forget about the wages they are owed so that Micky would have more money to strengthen the squad. They would do that if they cared about the club at all.

I cant help but think that because of the small money Micky has got to spend, we are hardly going to strengthen the squad with lower league nobodies.

Come on guys. Cant you forget about the wages owed to you so that Micky can actually strengthen the squad to keep us in the prem. (its not like they get paid peanuts is it?)
sorry but i disagree that this is why we have no money.portsmouth have a very wealthy chairman yet they are being realistic and realising that theres no money in football and they need to spend more wisely.i do agree that the players sjould not get the wage sback but football players are selfish and greedy.all football fans should know thta by now.
put yourself in there shoes, are you going to forgo your wages so he can employ someone else and lose you a chance of playing in the premiership?
I dont think so, besides I know its probably an obscene amount to earn, but the did earn it, and they didn`t set the pay structure, the club did.
so pay them for a job well done and lets start with a clean slate.
Forget that Muzzy has only been on twenty five grand a week i am sure it did not him that bad but think about the younger ones who have an expensive style of living and a short career. I am sure that was quite a set back for players like Trev and even though he is not young Dickov. We should thank them for what they have done rather than paint them out as greedy.

It is all very well and good saying oh i would pay to play but would you have no money to live on and no job to play for a club you do not support. I doubt it
i think we are forgetting that we have roughly the same squad as last season and they were the 1s that got us relegated.fair enuff taylors imput didnt help but its partly due to them and their commitment levels(matt jones!)
Never heard so much shite in my life

Why should the players forfeit any money at all ?
Its the shambles of a board that we had (and still have in some cases) who are responsible for the financial position of this club. It is not the fault of any player - even Lewis.
It was the players that agreed to defer their wages to keep this club going last year, and it was the players that worked their bollox off to get this club promoted
How dare people turn round now and deny them their earnings, and blame them for us having no cash

It's tough titty.
Rank incompetence and bad management got us where we are, and if we offered Matty and Muzzy thirty grand a week then its our fault, not theirs

And don't give me "if they cared about the club they would give it to Micky" nonsense. Tell that to Jon Stevenson, Jon Ashton and Martin Reeves
well said homer
if they hadn't said they would take the shortfall at the end of the seson we may not be here.

how many of you would take a cut in pay and only collect what as owed to you if your company performed out of their skin?
Absolutely with you on this one Homer! The players agreed to a substantial pay cut to save the club. Was it 25% - 30%? They were told this would only be repaid IF they won promotion. There might have been a promotion bonus as well. The players did the business. In fact to my recollection, whilst there were a few games where I thought we were lucky to get 3 points rather than 1, the reverse was also the case - Sheep and Blades away spring to mind. In fact there were only about 3 games that I would say we were absolute shyte, compared to about 33 the season before!
Give the lads the money. Repay their loyalty and sacrifice. Do you think Jones is now on a 'free' because he has 'gone the extra mile' for the club?

I am guessing here but I suspect that £15 million probably divides fairly evenly between new players AND their wages, restoring wage deferrals, and paying creditors another slice. Remember they will get back 40p in the pound if we stay up for 3 years. The preferential creditors were not wiped out.
Well said you three, people seem to forget all of the shite this club has been through, MA will have money that has been budgeted to him, the rest will be used to keep the club running and as said pay off creditors. Don't forget the 15million is not paid upfront, I think it is paid in installments? also this could be the last time that we will get this kind of ammount, next year the tv rights are up for grabs and with how money is going in football I can not see sky coughing up the kind of money they have in the past.
If the players did wave payments owed to them would they miss it? I don't think so.

These guys make as much in a week as some of us earn in a year plus they have change left over. I have to keep a family of 6 on much less than the average 1st team player at the Walkers. If my boss asked me to defer my wages I couldn't do it but these can.

The trouble nowadays is that most footballers only play for the cash not the love of the game. An example is England, why do they get paid for playing for England, it should be an honour not something to make money out of. I would turn out for Leicester for the wage I'm on now.

Yes I am jealous of them.
Amazing that some people are still surprised that football is now a business…this is 2003! It’s all about money! The players don’t just play for the fun of it (though I’m sure many do enjoy it), they are looking to make as much money as they can. To say they wouldn’t miss any money taken from them is rubbish, they have different lifestyles from you and me, just as we have different lifestyle to millions of other people in the world who survive on $2 a day, to them we are loaded! It’s all relative.
League football club are no more than brands, much the same as Nike or ntl is a brand of a product, they take advantage of that fact that football supporters have such strong brand loyalty, and this keeps us all shelling out £25 per game and paying to go on their websites and paying for the new strip and the branded wall paper for the kids etc etc.
I love LCFC but under no illusions what professional football is.
If you don’t like it go and watch teams like Oadby Owls instead and watch plenty of people playing for the love of the game and holding down full time jobs as well.
Why is homer posting as 'Anonymous' and why is he arguing with himself?

Nothing good can come from all this time travelling.
Let's not forget that time has opacity just like Marmite.
imagine anyone being in favour of paying anyone for last seasons shite? shows a little time shift
Looks like the only sane rational post I have ever made in this feckin' place and it's showing up as 'anonymous'

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