Match Thread Middlesbrough v Leicester

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they’re pressing us early, just as Leeds did. What worries me is that we may be getting found out a little. Also we’re up against better sides in Leeds & Boro. Need to raise our game
Watch Choudhury for five minutes. Just him.

Then tell me that you couldn't do exactly what he does. I'm 52 and I could.
Changes at half time please
Yep, I'm actually a bit bored by this. We need to occasionally mix it up a little.
Yeah not good enough that. Very vanilla and polite on the front foot and **** ups ‘R’ us at the back.

Choudhury, KDH, Nacho and McAteer all very poor.
Need to play with a better tempo when attacking again, that was a problem vs Leeds as well. Iheanacho has been almost non existent for us up front. Fudged just about everything that came his way. Get Vardy on.
Hamza off and move Ricardo back to his proper place.

And Fatawu really needs to come on fairly soon and have a go at their back line as they look well dodgy to me

And get Nacho off, FFS. Total shite. Don’t care who takes his place, really. I think Filbert would do a better job
I don't think it's at all boring. We haven't been great because McAteer, Iheanacho and Choudhury have been either utterly wasteful in possession or completely shit. The system is absolutely fine, we just need to stop making mistakes. Put Ricardo back where he's best, even if that means bringing on Casadei and replace Nacho with a football player and things may improve.
I’d bring Cannon on and Fatawu.

It’s got **** all to do with the system. Just poor individual performances from some
Some harsh comments on Hamza.

Macateer has lost/given the ball near our area 3 times, nearly costing us.
Needs to sharpen up, or get Fatawu on.

Why is Nacho coming so far back for the ball? No need for it.
That was a hideous miss from KDH

He’s been awful
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