Mk Dons 2 - 4 Leicester

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good goal by HO (copyright ashov) too.

if anyone can tell me who was playing in the 20 shirt, quick fooker down the right wing, i'd be grateful.


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I saw the goals on Sky Sports News earlier on. Wright's was good, and he linked up well with Nalis for his.

Seemed like Pressman barely moved for either of there goals, hopefully we won't need to call on him too many times this season :?

oh, if anyone wanted to see the goals, I saw it on Sky Sports News about 11:50, and seeing as they will probably be showing the same stuff all through the night in the same order, then just turn on about quarter to the hour and you should see them :)


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in the mini program it stated that last season we "had to endure a media storm following a mid season training break in Lanzarote"
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