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Next manager?


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You're quite right of course. I have nothing positive or constructive to add to these discussions at the moment. All I can see is a repeat of the summer of 2001 and it is doing nobody any good reading me whining on, repeating the same opinions. I started typing my reaction to the Grealish speculation and stopped myself.

I'll do you all a favour and take a sabbatical from posting for a few months. I'll either come back happier or join you all in wallowing in misery!

BN the whole point of this forum is about stating your point of view, I have posted many that are against the grain so please crack on, if we all agreed it would be a boring forum !!

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Wouldn’t be my first choice. Wouldn’t even be my second, third, fourth, fifth or even sixth choice.

But he’d be one hell of a better option than Puel. Christ, even H from Steps would be.
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