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Nistelrooy or Henry

Henry or Van Nistelrooy

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Henry the fast skillful wizard or Tap in King Goal Machine Van the Man ?
Who you prefer in your team ?


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horse boy gets on my tits.
I still think there was something strange going on when his knee popped in that very public training session.
henry's doing a great job for me in the fantasy league too!


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Van Nistelrooy was amazing last season, but he has had a bad season this year by those standards. Henry has improved loads this season and is now the best player in the world.


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Henry by miles. He sets up goals aswell as scoring them. Some of his goal are unbelievable. Van 'The Man' just seems to score simple goals.


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It has to be Henry every time. I've got concerns about Van the man! :lol:

Is that Roy Keane dare I ask? :roll: :wink:
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