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Had nothing to do so i thought i would watch a few old tapes. I'm watching the palace playoff game, what a quality team we had out.


Grayson Watts Walsh Whitlow

Taylor Lennon Parker Izzet

Claridge Heskey

In the 2nd half we playing brilliant... still get a buzz watching these old games!!!


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Ricey said:
This could be...the winner by Claridge...........IT IS!!!!!
Had a lump in my throat when the winner went in. I love first division football, back where we belong... Play offs here we come WOO HOO!!!

My prediction is we will go up via the playoffs in two seasons at the new Wembley!!


Babylon said:

Grayson Watts Walsh Whitlow

Taylor Lennon Parker Izzet

Claridge Heskey
Worrys me. That team was great, a mix of youth and experience but with quality. And this team only just got into the playoffs back then. I'd give anything for a partnership like that again, and midfield. And a defender like Walsh. We seem to be starting from scratch every season. Maybe if we were a little more optimistic things would of been so much better off.


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step said:
Dream on gents. We aint going to be watching play off for many years to come
F*ck off, until you can back your opinions up I don't want to hear them. I can't understand how you can be so sure of this when we haven't even kicked a ball in division one yet this season. We will sign plenty of new players and division one isn't hard to conquer. Bye then
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