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It’s great to look back on that FA Cup win from two years ago…a moment I’ll never forget.

But it also does put into context what an almighty cock up this has been.

5th place and an FA Cup win. Two years later, probable relegation.

I’m staggered at how badly they can **** this up.
Agree with the last line but in hindsight, the rot had set in before the FA Cup win as we were shite in the run up to it and the feeling was we'd be lucky to win.

We'd began bottling the top 4 before then for the second season in a row which was them unrecoverable.

I'm not sure if the players lost belief in themselves or the manager or probably a combination of them both.

Either way, the rot had been obvious for ages and it was sheer madness it was allowed to continue for so long.
A signing that looked as odd then as it is now.
I’ve just gone back and read the thread from when he was signed. Not sure what the record for shortest thread for a potential first teamer is but that was less than 2 pages and the excitement was lacking to say the least.

We knew he’d be a pointless purchase.
He was.

How do people who get paid thousands only to do that not see this?
Wanker made me cry on the train all the way back from London!

Turned out to be a great signing though.

I remember pissing myself laughing in the newsagents when I read about it in the mercury. My mate was adamant he'd never go to another game while "that dwarf ****" was at the club.

Predictably that lasted until he started scoring.

The same mate doubled down a couple of years later by stating that he'd never set foot inside filbert street again while O'Neill & Robertson were in charge ( "****ing Forest scum" ) He reckoned they'd be sacked inside 3 months & missing out on Mike Walker was a disaster that would set the club back 5 years.

Not a great judge all in all, but useful in reminding me that no matter how much of an opinionated tosser you are there's always someone worse.
Scored some good goals Speedie.

Particularly fond of his looping effort against Bolton.

Also appreciated his mad sending off against Tranmere in the playoffs. He blended Eric Nixons brain.
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