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Puel out

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Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City are probably the only clubs in the world that don't have to sell players atleast at some point. That's football, and at least this way we're getting to see player development, a profit being reinvested, and who knows maybe one day we will be able to crow like West Ham fans about how 'we' won the World Cup


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Some of this has a familiar ring to it.

They were painful to watch last night

His stubborn misuse of Kante is a sackable offence on its own, but the insistence on sticking to a single way of playing in that game was appalling, and the hopeless defensive subs were the final nail

A clueless stubborn idiot

Difference is he’s only been there a short time while our own clueless feckwit has been here fifteen lng painful months

Chelsea will make the right decision and give him the boot

Not convinced that we will

pork pie fox

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I’m one of those who have reached a tipping point with Puel, but it has nothing to do with the youth element of our team selections. For me, it’s the overly defensive setup in games where we are the supposed favourite, that does my head in. Three defensive midfielders at home against Southampton, two of them away at Newport, when we already had more defensive fullbacks on the pitch.

I’m all for picking younger players and I accept there may be some bumps along the way, but I can’t accept the negativity in games where we are not the heavy underdog.

Hey ho, que sera, sera.


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The Palace game was the final straw for me last year, but once he stayed in the summer I was willing and hoping he would do well.

I didn’t think it was possible to have two final straws....but that’s it for me.


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I am just glad we gave him a good, fair, chance and we can’t be accused of a knee jerk reaction this time. If he does go hopefully we’ll reap the rewards for his investment in youth.


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**** it apparently we're still paying Appleton so bring him in until the summer then appoint Rodgers


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There’s just no coming back from that is there?
think everyone including the players know he's going in the summer, like an NFL head coach in his last year he's a lame duck, they're content to sit back and wait him out if he drops them


The use of the youth is good, however the complete disregard for our strengths and stuburness towards changing his team shape., has been detremental to any progression. Our squad is suited to three at the back.. Have we ever even attempted to play this.?
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