Rodgers future...

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City Fan

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I’ve given Brendan a fair bit of stick over the past year when it was rightly deserved, so I have to also give him praise when it’s deserved also.

Tonight was one of the best performances I’ve seen from us for a long long time. Credit to Brendan for the last 5-6 games going back to a formation that suits our players, rather than trying to shoehorn them into how he wants to play.

38 points after half a season is a great return. Even after knowing what happened last season, I’m starting to get excited again, and I like it.


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Needs to be given credit for the improvements in Barnes and especially JJ both have been outstanding this season


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I think those of us who have always backed Rodgers have mostly all called out his record for improving young players, and some of the issues last season were inexperienced players needing to learn.

Look how he's improved

This season.

You could probably also add Albrighton and Tielemans to that list too

Fox Fan

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I agree, BUT at the moment our project is far more exciting than any other out there in the market, isn’t it?
Was about to post the same thing. It would be easy to go to Chelsea, just as countless managers have before, only to have a couple of very average seasons and get sacked.

Of course, most of their former managers have gone on to lucrative contracts elsewhere, having no doubt pocketed millions from the sacking. So it will have it's appeal to BR.

Brown Nose

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I agree, BUT at the moment our project is far more exciting than any other out there in the market, isn’t it?

BR wants to manage another 'big six' team and he knows that won't be Liverpool. Any opportunity he gets to go to one of the others, he will be on the motorway in a heartbeat.

His career plan (which he has discussed in interviews) is to prove himself at the top level in the PL and then manage overseas (Spain) and then go into international management. He takes his career extremely seriously as we saw when he ditched Celtic so easily. He sees us as a stepping stone to get a bigger job and progress that career plan. He will trust his ability to make any of the big sides successful irrespective of what state they are in currently.

If Chelsea want BR, he will go there. You don't go from Leicester to Real Madrid/Barcelona, you only go to that sort of job from one of the big PL sides.

BR is currently 4th favourite to be the next Chelsea and Man Utd manager, 2nd favourite to be the next Arsenal manager, and favourite to be the next Man City manager.

He's going to one of these clubs at some point. It's just a case of when.
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