Scott Taylor

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I never liked him when he was at City before. Cant see that he has improved any.

Aged 28, Bullsh*t



highland fox said:
I thought the original Scott Taylor was a cracking player just a shame he had that bad injury.
I met Scott Taylor's (the old Leicester player) best mate on holiday in Florida and he said that Scott has just got married and he is making a living as a lorry driver.

The best mate;s missus said that he is a tosser who thinks he's great.


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The original Scott Taylor was a top man - for a footballer anyway :!: :!:

Admittedly, he was a bit loud round town, but he would always talk to people when they continually kept bothering him, just because he played for us.

Still comes back regularly to watch us nowadays.


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legendary appearance of shocking blond hair against palace at wembley :) i think i saw taylor in town a while after his bad injury. wish i'd gone upto him and wished him all the best but i wasn't 100% it was him.



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Living in Blackpool Ive heard a lot about him but nobody seems that bothered he's going
Think he's more of a goal poacher than skilful player, but would probably be up to it in our division... I'd prefer a positive move for Novo though


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i had pleasure to have couple of chats to him,very nice bloke,feet on the ground i thought...saw him couple of months after injury in church gate with his very fit missus(who obviously fancied me),wished him well and watched him struggle into his discovery :lol:
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