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mad biker said:
Tournament tickets sold... Just sent this email to the club

I'm really worried about this tournament being a flop, and with only 2,000 tickets sold for each day, thats exactly what it looks like being. At the moment i find it hard to believe you are going to be making any money from the weekend. I have purchased tickets for each day and i'm concerned that its going to be extremely humiliating on the clubs behalf. Surely you could refund the season ticket holders who have purchased tickets, or give us free tickets to the first home cup match, and just say that STH go free to this tournament. Cos at the moment you are making around £80k out of this tournament from ticket sales, and possibly another £20k on top of that for drinks and food, mechandise etc. Thats 100k based on each person spending £5 per day.. and you have to account for children spending nothing etc, surely if we got 15,000 free season ticket holders in we'd be getting about 75k based on my theory and add around 700 non season ticket holders to the equasion and thats about £94/95k made from the weekend. Im sure you can understand what i am saying, but it does seem to be the only option avaliable, unless you want to see this club made a laughing stock
I thought that the attandances would be low, but not that bloody low.
Looks like attracting 'new' fans down to the Walkers has backed fired with this tournament.
We will all have our views, but the price and giving up a weekend to see LCFC play 'average' teams has not worked :oops:
As said in hindsight a one off game against a bigger team would have been better. :?
Your right mate, theres no chance of that happening.

This tournament ill go down like a lead balloon.
If they were still in the tournament i think i would go and watch, ive liked them for some time now, but i aint going now, no chance.
The reason hardly anyone is buying tickets is because the whole thing will be crap. The club are charging too much just to see 4 friendlies, I think the club is using this just to sponge more money out of the fans.
I also think that the club is charging too much for home matches and the season tickets could have also been reduced.
The thing is how can people be expected to go to this? Its just a freindly, and I need a bloody holiday aswell!

Unfortunatly im not able to go but it would of always been difficult anyway because of the travelling.
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