Post Match Slavia Prague 0 Leicester 0

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There is an element of our play that I dislike. We play the ball sideways/backwards/ sideways until space is created to play the ball forward. As we continue to do this across the backline we nibble away at any ground gained. Eventually it's knocked backed to Kasper, who pops a shanked pitching wedge on it.

I'd like to see the back 3/4/5 carry the ball forward, at least advance the ball beyond their highest player. We didn't seem to wear their forwards down, they made a movement to the ball carrier, who then popped it sideways. Some would call it a patient build up, others would say ponderous.

It was mis-firing night. Maddison didn't hear voices telling him to hit it hard and high beyond the keeper. Ndidi has played better. Barnes came looking for the ball, it's a nice addition to his skill set.
I like Hamza's reputation as being able to pop in a reducer. I'd have asked him to drop the linesman who ignored a few challenges on Albrighton. My stream was fairly quiet, but one of the tackles on Albrighton reminded me of my shin pad being shattered. We did appear to be looking to the referee to protect us, but then complain when we tried to drop a couple of deadlegs in. Petulance??

It's probably too late to ask Kasper to dominate his 6 yd box.

Onwards and upwards. 4-1 back at the KP


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I'd have asked him to drop the linesman who ignored a few challenges on Albrighton.
Under got pulled back right in front of the linesman. Barnes was unceremoniously barged by Kasper's friend. Neither linesman saw anything. The referring generally was poor, it seemed to be condoning both their play acting and their thuggery.

I reckon part of their coach's program is vocal training, so his players can mimic cries of pain loudly.


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Looking at all of the other results it seems ours was the only borefest.

Some crazy games took place.
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