Slum Dwellers

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So, a man (or woman) has lived in a slum all of his (or her) life. ( I am going to stop doing the gender neutral thing now as it is beginning to sound like a Monty Python sketch) This man is quite happy in his role in life without great expectations.

One day, someone takes him out of the slum and introduces him to the high life and he loves it. But then, he is told a few years later, that there is a possibility of his returning to the slum and, indeed, this comes to pass.

The question is whether the man is now

A) Happy that he has all of those memories which he never dreamt he would have and can spend the rest of his life happily re-living them?


B) Unhappy because he knows that he will never go back to the high life and maybe he even resents having been shown it because he was quite happy before?


C) Something else.
D - Who gives a **** about this guy (or gal, or nonbinary person).
Were there entirely preventable measures that could have been taken to prevent the return to the slum which were not actioned through the negligence of people paid a large salary to do so?

Will he return to the slum with all the (presumably significantly increased) living costs associated with the ‘high life’ but without the income, putting his financial security at risk?
"If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor".

No-one can take away the good that has happened.

Answer: A (with a little bit of B at times).
Yeah but...Nobody took us out of the slum/1st Divison / Championship - to the high life of The Premier League and FA Cup success - we (the team) earned it.

Equally, by stuffing around and squandering the opportunities whilst enjoying the highlife, we let it all slip away. Are we ready to fight to earn our way back again - or be content to just daydream about "the good old days" ?
It’s gonna be a long summer.

I think it's an analogy.... but I'm not sure. I'll vote for, um, cheese and pickle.
I didn't even realise that Monster Munch did a cheese AND Pickle variety.
I live down Sowff, we have Prosecco & Prosciutto and Brie de Meaux & Balsamic flavoured Monster Munch.
Monster Munch are okay but nothing beats Cool Ranch Doritos. I do miss Scampi Fries and McCoy’s though (although that might just be nostalgic bollocks on my part).

My American wife still thinks that prawn cocktail crisps is the one of the weirdest things ever. Personally, I’m a fan.
Bobbys spirals. There, I’ve said it, corn snack or ****ing not.
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