Stone Roses

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Everyone like the Manc lads then, they are quality, Waterfall as i pointed out inpsired me to write the modern classic that is Chance on a sunday morn. Great band i luv em.
Almost everything they did was wonderful.

I saw them a few times in 1987-8 in little places with a crowd of 100-150.

Top stuff :)
Without a doubt my alltime favourite band. Pure class. The first album is awesome, Second Coming in my opinion was under-rated.

Great guitar parts from mr Squire, Reni and Mani with some funky beats and bass, and monkey man on vocals. The Blackpool live video is quality, the start of Elephant Stone and I am the resurection, absolutely brilliant.

Yes I like them. 8)
I actually prefer Second Coming. The NME should have been closed down after the review of it.

Brown, Squire, Reni and Mani are the perfect foursome. Amazing.
second coming is a fantastic album. it was just a big change in direction. driving south, how do you sleep?, love spreads and ten storey love song are all classics. i would agree that the first album is better. But only just.

john squire was the most gifted song writer of this generation, often compared to bob dylan. it really saddens me that they fell out big style. in an interview squire gave last year he said he is in regular contact with mani and reni and he believes a comeback is possible, although he hasn't spoken to Ian Brown in over 5 years. oh well you never know.

i still can't believe a DVD hasn't been made yet. fingers crossed.
My band covers a couple of Stone Roses tracks - We do Made Of Stone and Sally Cinnamon....usually they are both well recieved.

I have to add though that the Stone Roses, Happy Monday's, Inspiral Carpets and pretty much every other 'Madchester' band all supported James at one time or another.

It seems that James successfully promoted some of the biggest bands of that era and also managed to out last them all before finally breaking up in Dec -2002

Incidentally, Tim Booth - the lead singer from James is releasing a solo album this month called Bone..... I have been to a couple of live performances and I have to say that its well worth a listen.
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