Terminally depressed now............

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Sheesh! I just read all step's postings tonight and now feel 'Tragedy!' (all together now... with that tricky open-hand-at-cheek/ear move)
There's no hope. Defence is screwed. We are in Div 3 already. And dyslexia rools, KO?
Will now go put my head into the electric oven............. :(


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Innocent I see you've adopted my style of stress relief, putting bodily parts in electrical equipment. :lol: :lol:


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Malf said:
....putting bodily parts in electrical equipment....
did you hear about the butcher who got sacked because he kept putting his cock in the bacon slicer?


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Scowcroft said:
Joe_Fox said:
beaumontfox said:
couldn't you tell Joe? :lol:
I got confused with Innocent_ and Innocent. I thought the world had gone wrong for a while but it's ok.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

No wonder you were shocked. :wink:
I wondered how anyone would have guessed my password of jgog34ldsf0bv0a - surely no-one else knows that but me!
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