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the big question!!!!!!!

who was faster yesterday

  • the veteren's at 1/2 time

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New Member
tricky one really, have to say the veteren's, but only coz i had 3 family members there :wink:


New Member
is no one tacking this thread seriously!!
or maybe it's such a close call no one can make there minds up :lol:


New Member
good man :wink:
had to give them a mention as my great uncle and dad's couson's were there, i'd honestly think though that they were guicker than gillespie, espeically the one right at the back who kept waving his stick about (no rude reply's plz) and even the one that feel over, he seemed to put more efert into fallin over than gillespie did playin footie :)


New Member
I am, they go on a bit though, bit like albert trotter, with out the cockney accent!!


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they should get the veterans in every game, lucky omens they are. Think about how many bombs they dodged!
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Liverpool  18
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Leicester  11
West Ham Utd  11
Bournemouth  10
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Manchester Utd  8
Burnley  8
Sheffield Utd  8
10 Arsenal  8
11 Chelsea  8
12 Palace  8
13 Aston Villa  7
14 Southampton  7
15 Everton  7
16 Brighton  6
17 Norwich City  6
18 Newcastle Utd  5
19 Wolves  4
20 Watford  2