The Buys so far.

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I was very impressed with the first few singings Micky has made as in Williams, Dublin to a degree, and Tiatto, but sadly the last two fail to sparkle. McAteer and Wilcox in my eyes are poor buys, both washed up pensioners who have flattered to decieve throughout their careers, being in Rov Rum i know plenty of leeds fans who all actually laughed when i told them that we'd signed them, then i kindly reminded them of the shit they'd bought, but anyways i hope mickys buying strategies change and fast. I think it maybe time to look abroad there surely must be some good players out there who would be willing to come. What do you think?


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There are definately some good young foreigners out there and MA needs to recruit some. It would be difficult and expensive though. Corky and MA's scouting trips must mean some young foreigners must be in talks with us. The question is, do they wanna come to sign for Leicester, a team that has been relegated from the premiership twice in three years, no doubt a good team, but who are also in money problems. I would definately sign if i was really good at footi. It would be a chance to prove yourself in the fastest and most well-known football league in the world.


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Buys so far

Williams is an exciting buy and young like MA promised of the others I think Tiatto will prove to be a good aquisition if played in a midfield attacking role.
Dublin I am sure will get 10 or so goals but I have to say overall i have been disappointed so far with the signings.

Iexpected more of our better players to have stayed and I would have kept Frank and Steffan
But the real time to analise the signings is just prior to the season starting as I am sure there will be more to come, we need some defensive cover.


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5 excellant signings. I just hope there is more of the same to come as the squad is still looking very short in numbers.


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buzzer_b said:
All the signings except Wilcox have been good in my eyes.
can't say i think much of mcateer as well, but we need more signings then this, and like mad biker said its gone all quiet at the moment, i cant see where the next signings r coming from, perhaps connoly and shipperely, but what about defenders, we could get makin i spose.


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McAteer is a great Division One player who might lack pace and height but provides abit more experience and defending needs. We might aswell risk it. We need more players so if needs be we might aswell bring one or two older players to add abit of depth and experience into the team. McAteer will be a good signing in my eyes, only if he's fit though.


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its gonna be the same old story - we have no cash so have to make do with old players (albeit not crap ones) So if we are promoted next year, then these players will all be far too knackered for the prem the following season! Guess we should be grateful for small mercies - for a club with no money we are in a lot better position than other clubs with no cash - at least people want to play for us!!


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I dont want Micky doing the same thing he did when we got relegated. Instead of him bringing players in that are old premier stars I would prefer him starting the team all over again with younger players, even if that means staying in Division One for a few seasons.


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I think we should sack Micky and get that Levein bloke in from Hearts. He'll sort us out with his band of merry men and his three year contracts.


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I think we should sack Micky and get that Levein bloke in from Hearts. He'll sort us out with his band of merry men and his three year contracts.
I hear that DAVID PLEAT is hanging around leicester ! Not sure why he's driving around the Highfields ? Must be lost :102:


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some one called martin allen has just been born, could be a good manager in 40 odd years.
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