Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded winter 2020/21 rumours thread

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Brown Nose

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So what is he more likely to win with Spurs, Arsenal or Chelsea in the next few years, that he cannot have a great chance of winning here?
I accept the money argument, but not the win more with these three.

Short terms shiteness means little. Spurs have won 17 major trophies, Arsenal 31 and Chelsea 24. We have won 4.

We saw a perfect example with Odegaard going to Arsenal in January. He could have come to us but he wasn't remotely interested compared with a club well below us in the league because of who they are not how they are doing right now.

Brown Nose

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I think we were very lucky to get Rodgers and I am dreading the prospect of returning to another Puel. Hopefully we have grown enough under BR to attract a good manager when he leaves.

If say Arsenal or Spurs sacked their manager now and went for BR as a replacement, I'm pretty sure we'd go for Benitez.

Brown Nose

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If Leicester start getting champions league football on a regular basis then what's stopping the club paying £200k a week to our best players.

We won't ever achieve regular CL football. It's a rich club competition.

We've done it once in our history. Man Utd have been there 28 times, Liverpool 24, Arsenal 21, Chelsea 16.

You only break into that world with a massive amount of capital investment, the likes of which Man City have had.

Jimmy Lad

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All the more reason to get him on a new 4 year contract now with no release clause
Trouble is we can’t break our wage structure ceiling. If we do, then all the other senior players will want to be placed on the same salary.
Our wage ceiling is high compared to a lot of clubs but is dwarfed by a few.

camberwell fox

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Then all the posts I have read allude to the fact that what we are doing in terms of our strategy is correct I think?


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we have apparently been quoted a £10m fee for Tommaso Pobega, 21 year old midfielder on loan at Spezia from Milan


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they also included it in their story about the injury update so thought it was new

They rehash stories about three or four times

It’s probably made up bollocks, anyway, or it would be in a more credible place
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