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The Mahrez Saga

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£60mil+ Roberts snatch their hands off ...£45 +Roberts probably fair, but we dont need players who arent committed so let him go squeee every last penny include £35 mill buy back clause as they did with Nacho

pork pie fox

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When Utd are signing a player from Ukraine for £50m+ then you can bollocks with your £45m + Roberts being fair for Mahrez.
Yep, I agree. I get that Mahrez wants to go, but all recent precedent suggests his price should be so much higher than suggested.

FOX Franks

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Somebody give me any reason why Roberts is a decent swap? Surely that’s just an extra wage for a player who won’t be used?
Not seen anything from him to suggest he’s got it so unless uncle Claude is seeing something none of us have...


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its a one club market, he has made it clear where he wants to go, they know this and so do other clubs so there won't be a bidding war which is how we would get mega money


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Not comparable. Of course we should lower our price. It would a great honour for us to sell Mahrez to the Mighty Liverpool at any price.
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