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They're talking about us


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Totally Football Show Scottish football podcast - special edition giving perspective from Scotland on the Rodgers move including interview with Jonathan Norcroft (author of the Fearless book about our title win)


pork pie fox

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So refreshing after the last impostor. Imagine how this bloke will make key players feel in comparison to what they have had to listen to for the last 16 months.
I did post that in the Rodgers thread, as I didn’t know where it fitted best, but I agree with you.


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Shows how it's all changed. This thread was started to celebrate the fact that the entire world was talking about us. Now it's filled with a bunch of half arsed nobodies airing imaginary grievances because somebody decided that winning a laughable pretend league with the minimum of effort year after year might not be the best use of his time.

It's not as if it even ****ing matters. Mr Bean could win the SPL with Celtic. The next bloke in will do exactly the same as the last. Nothing will change. So calm the **** down.

Plus, many years ago an Ulsterman moved from here to manage Celtic. This week an Ulsterman moved from Celtic to manage us.

1-1 Get a ****ing grip.

Now sit down, shut up & go back to walking your pointless comedy league by 15 points like you do every season. Nothing to see here.

Go back to your normal lives, have a drink, have ten.

Let off some steam by singing about 300 year old shit the rest of the world has left behind.

That other bunch of human rejects down the road will join in I'm sure.

Give the Mrs another good beating.

Whatever. We don't care. Just **** off.

Shitehawk troglodytes.


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There was a thread about this. No idea what the outcome was.
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