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They're talking about us

Ike O'Noclassed

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?...I don't want a flood of tourists either. We need to be crap again and quickly.
Our upturn in form and Leicester's tsunami of tourist visitors are incontrovertibly due solely to the reburial of Richard III just after the 4-3 defeat by Spurs at the end of March. A quick exhumation and pack the bones off to Nottingham should restore the universe to its natural order.


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And there's always gonna be some journo (used very loosely here) with this sort of article be coming along.
In fact the comments section make better reading.

Leicester City?s false position in the Premier League - Back Page Football Back Page Football
I thought this was the 'Talking about us' thread - not the 'Talking a steaming pile of shit in a piss poorly written article' thread. The opening sentence alone made me want to reach into the Internet and throttle it; how did that child get onto a journalism course?


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Vardy is in this week's Popbitch, talk about made it!
What the **** is a popbitch?
>> Private, aye <<
Score or own goal?

Last week it was Sandra Bullock
making legal threats to "protect
her privacy" (i.e. protect her
exclusive interview deal with
People magazine).

This week it's the turn of
footballer Jamie Vardy.

An almost exact replica of
the Bullock letter (with the
names changed) winged its way
out of Harbottle & Lewis'
offices forbidding any
stories and photos.

So is this just a statement
that he's now in the same
league as other England stars
like Gerrard, Hart, Crouch etc?

Or are we to assume the media
were endangering that Hollywood
movie deal exclusive to tell
his rags-to-riches story we've
been reading so much about?


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It's not a bad press article but it really is a nothing piece, I can't see any point to it?
They've been told that hacking dead people's phones isn't ok any more. This is the sort of shit that fills the gaps.
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