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Match Thread Tottenham v Leicester

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Miles Away

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This is sort of the logical end point of what he has been building towards for a while.

That is entirely a Puel side, right there.


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Ah a strikerless system and a pre match guaranteeeeee that we won’t win. Colonel Kurtz has lost his mind, he’s on his back dabbing himself with a filthy rag and babbling about gardenias.

Brown Nose

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My view is that dropping Vardy today is for one of two reasons.

  1. Puel wants to be sacked.
  2. Vardy did call Puel a ****ing idiot or whatever it was after the Man Utd game.
I can only assume that we're playing Gray up front. Wow.

camberwell fox

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Bar Vardy and debatable Mendy or Ndidi, I think that is about right . BUT leaving out Vardy is just ****ing stupid.

Oh well, one of the Puel in brigadeI will be along soon to tell us how logical this is..

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
Is this his Ruud Gullit moment?

Autocorrect wanted to change Ruud Gullit to Zeus Gillis. I like that. Then it tried to change the second Ruud to Århus. This post has gone from Netherlands to Greece to Denmark. Where next?


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Holy shit

For God's sale how much longer to we have to put up with this complete feckin idiot

What feckin ridiculous team selection that is

What a total wanker
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