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Match Thread Tottenham v Leicester

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About time vardy was dropped. He has been absolutely hopeless recently. Mendy injured so ndidi back in.


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In recent weeks, I've mentioned to friends that I think Vardy will be more of an impact sub, than a regular starter, next season.
Maybe Claude is planning for next season.
That'll please a few :)

Blue Maniac

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Staff here have started processing visitors. Number 47 just went in, and I’m number 52. Odds we’re a goal down before my phone is in the locker?

City Fan

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He’s trolling us for booing his substitutions last week.

I think he’s actually that much of a stubborn **** that he’d do that, in a “I’ll show you...” kind of way.


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Well unless Puel goes I think this has signalled we will lose one of our greatest players in the summer. For those who say he’s not played well what more can he do in this formation. Beggars belief that he’s not on the pitch.


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Carragher says he feels Leicester have the best squad outside the top 6. Compare that with Robbie Savage who thinks we're punching above our weight in 12th..


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I'd have thought Ghezzel would make a better false 9 than Grey, he's looked better in the middle than out wide the times he has had
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  6
Arsenal  6
Manchester City  4
Manchester Utd  4
Brighton  4
Tottenham   4
Bournemouth  4
Sheffield Utd  4
Everton  4
10 Burnley  3
11 Norwich City  3
12 Leicester  2
13 Wolves  2
14 Palace  1
15 Chelsea  1
16 West Ham Utd  1
17 Aston Villa  0
18 Newcastle Utd  0
19 Southampton  0
20 Watford  0