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who do you hate more?

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Country Fox

New Member
i had a revelation tonight. i actually discovered i hate villa more than i hate forest. i think its cos theyr such a scabby football team who hav an illusion that they are some how still a big club and should be in the top 6 when they are really a pile of ****

i think and hope they will be relegated. on the premiership nd sky sports etc they constantly talk as if villa are just going through a slump and have it in them to come storming back up the league. they dont seem to have noticed that villa hav a squad of seriously average players and just 2 or 3 really quality ones, and one of those is angel who cant be arsed half the time.
I will never hate anymore more than forest,
But yes i also hate Villa alot, alot with there neighbours, wolves.
Mainly hate wolves because of there dork. :p

Country Fox

New Member
u can add their constant attempts to steal muzzy from us at the cheapest price possible to my list of reasons to hate them, though im feelin in a minority on the villa hating thing. but wtf i stand by my decision
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