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Who do you hate more?

Who do you hate more?

  • Sheep Shaggers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Cov Scum

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  • Aston Vile

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  • Total voters
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Manchester United and then Forest.
I should of voted Coventry though, i hate there supporters, i wouldnt be surprised if malf does too.
Went school in hinckley and there all coventry over there, first class twats most of them.


New Member
Covscum for me, their fans are just nob heads of the highest order, and I got set on when I went there last year, completely unprovoked, just cos i was wearing a leicester shirt.


Well-Known Member
Sh!t on the Villa tonight!!!
Not that I particularly hate them, just that I think David O'Leary is one big TW@T

East Anglia Fox

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Why are there so many people on this thread that haven't been on here for about a year?

Is Foxestalk down or something? :-? :? :?:
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  18
Manchester City  13
Leicester  11
West Ham Utd  11
Bournemouth  10
Tottenham   8
Manchester Utd  8
Burnley  8
Sheffield Utd  8
10 Arsenal  8
11 Chelsea  8
12 Palace  8
13 Aston Villa  7
14 Southampton  7
15 Everton  7
16 Brighton  6
17 Norwich City  6
18 Newcastle Utd  5
19 Wolves  4
20 Watford  2