Who should we have kept

Who Should We Have Kept?

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When i got in from scholl today i turned on the teletext and was shocked about the players leaving.I feel that we could have kept hold of a few of them if only for one more year


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On reflection, it was for the best we released these players. It was a bold decision to make, but I feel it is the right one. It gives Micky more options in the transfer market to rebuild.

Although, I would say Billy Mac would be someone I would have kept. He is on low wages in comparison to the rest of the players, and he would give us useful cover in that midfield area. We now only have Nalis as a central midfielder in the squad now, so it leaves us pretty thin in that department.


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I'd have liked to have seen Freund here for another year, we need a few players that play with the passion he does. Cheers Steffan, you weren't here for long but you definitely made an impression.

Micky seems to be trying to clear and the deadwood and start building again. I'm hoping he's looking at bringing in younger players and building a quality team; Maybe not looking at automatic promotion next season, but building a good foundation and getting the finances sorted.

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