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Will he stay or wil he go?

Do you want Rodgers to come back to City, evn if it is only for support

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Fox Fan

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There's report out today about our good mate Alan Rodgers.

One clames he staying put at Wigan, the other says he coming back due to injury!

Wigan have extended the loan period of Leicester defender Alan Rogers by another month.

A club spokesman confirmed: "We've taken him for another month but he can't play at the weekend even if he is fit as Leicester don't want him cup-tied."
And SkySports:
Wigan Athletic manager Paul Jewell has confirmed on loan defender Alan Rogers has returned to Leicester City due to injury
Never too harsh when that dicks involved. :twisted:
Hope he gets vinegar pored in the hole where his willy was, now that would hurt. ;)


New Member
I think Micky will offload him!
If we could get £100,00 for him and bring in someone on loan then that would be miles better than having the useless idiot on your team!!!

We should get Kemal Izzet!!!!!

City Fan

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that would be miles better than having the useless isiodt on your team!!!
I agree it would be better than having the useless 'isiodt *' on your team.

But is Kemal Izzet really the answer :?:

*What the hell?? :wink:


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Seems perfect for him to go now really doesn't it? He can have first team football, we get rid of the Pluto-like twonk... :lol:


New Member
To be fair to Rogers, he was doing OK this season for us. The game the Wolves game........... :evil:

But like the rest of the team, everone had a poor game. Mind you, if Shaun Newton was one of Wolves' best players on the day, Rogers deserved to be shipped out........ :wink:


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We should wait for a big club to come in for him and make £4000000 of the lad. I heard Spurs are intrerested :lol:
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