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Wolves could send Spurs down !

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Spurs run in:-

Sun Apr 25 2004 Arsenal (H) 16:05
Sun May 02 2004 Aston Villa (A) 15:00
Sat May 08 2004 Blackburn Rovers (H) 15:00
Sat May 15 2004 Wolverhampton Wanderers (A) 15:00

It's amazing, but we could still save ourselves and in the process send Spurs down to division one. :shock:

It's a very big ask that we will win all our remaining fixtures, but I feel confident that we will beat Spurs. I can also see Spurs losing to Arsenal, Aston Villa and Blackburn.

Amended predicted relegation table.

16th Wolves
17th Leicester
18th Spurs
19th Man City
20th Leeds

Dreams can come true can't they. Keep the faith. :roll: :wink:

By the way, I am stone sober, NOT on anything and of sound mind. :lol:
Not open for further replies.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  25
Manchester City  19
Leicester  17
Chelsea  17
Arsenal  15
Palace  14
Tottenham   12
Burnley  12
Bournemouth  12
10 West Ham Utd  12
11 Aston Villa  11
12 Wolves  11
13 Manchester Utd  10
14 Everton  10
15 Sheffield Utd  9
16 Brighton  9
17 Southampton  8
18 Newcastle Utd  8
19 Norwich City  7
20 Watford  4

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